With advancement in technology, scores of cool gadgets are adorning every home that has changed people’s lifestyle. The gadgets are not just fancy; they provide quick solutions to everyday problems. The simple design and improved functions reduce human effort and conserve space. HerbyOnline is recommending affordable and must have to give upgrade your home technologically so your home is not left behind.

1. Alarm Clock on Wheels

If you're the type to press the snooze button every time your alarm clock goes off, knowing you're not going to get up, then I highly recommend you this alarm clock that will not only get you up but will get you out of bed. HerbyOnline presents to you the alarm clock on wheels. This smart alarm clock runs away and hides as it continues to beep until you get off your bed. You can no longer snooze and go back to bed. Clocky will ensure you never oversleep again.

2. Bluetooth and Wireless Speakers

Yes, I think you knew this one recommendation was coming. Now who doesn't love music, whether its hip hop, rock and roll or just soothing beach waves to calm your home. Well these Stand-alone Wi-Fi home speakers enhance your music pleasure. These speakers can be controlled with a smartphone app. The apps provide access to your iTunes library and other streaming services offering great flexibility. You can play your music from any device that is loaded with the app.  The compact design conserves space and provides a classy look to your décor. The audio quality is exemplary rendering crisp and clear high frequency response. If you enjoy music, wireless speakers are a must-have at your home.

3. Wifi Smart Video Doorbell 

What's a subtle way of letting your neighbours and guest know that your home is tech savvy. Well a wifi video doorbell for one. Not to mention its a great security provision for your home as well. This doorbell allows you to keep an eye on your front door visitors. With a wide-angle camera view, you can instantly see the visitor through your smartphone, tablet, or PC. The doorbell also has a built-in motion sensor and will inform alert you when it detects movement in front of the door. You can clearly see and hear the visitors both at day and night thanks to its night vision property.

4. Smart Expresso Machines

There are some people who can’t live without their coffee. So getting a couple of coffee-related smart gadgets sounds like a good choice, starting with this one. This smart espresso machine can remotely make coffee for you, remind you when to add more water or descale it. You can even schedule brewing time and keep track of the remaining coffee capsules.

5. Smart Lock deadbolt for home front doors

Are you tired of misplacing your keys and wish you had your keys in your phone which you have with you at all times? Well HerbyOnline presents to you a genius smart home security door lock which makes keys obsolete, get one today and make your home the smartest home on the block.

  1. It provide extra home security with keyless codes, Bluetooth unlock, anti-peep password and auto lock (5-120s) to keep your house safe and sound. 
  2. Through Keyless Door Locks for Homes APP, you could check the unlocking records and wrong password records from the Admin account in real time. And you’ll have comfort in knowing your door’s status.
  3. For those airbnb managers and property managers, Fast Sharing and Convenient - With Smart Digital Door Locks for Homes, You can share code with friends and guests valid for a few weeks,hours, or minutes, and revoke them again whenever you need to. Never worry about lost, stolen or copied keys again.

6.  Nest Protect

This smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector lets you know where the danger is, and can turn on your lights to help you get out. Not only does the Nest Protect detect smoke and carbon monoxide, but its sensors are designed to pick up both slow- and fast-burning fires. Plus, the Protect will tell you in which room the fire is located, and can be linked to other smart home devices, so that it can automatically turn on your Philips Hue lights in the event of an emergency.

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