Capitol Cities

A Capitol City is a city in a country where it is chosen to be the main central area for government parliament, meeting area and political base for that particular country which is often in most cases chosen through historic events that may have taken place in that particular city or because of the geographical location that would be advantage in city planning of the country.
This week lecture topic was Capitol Cities, their functions and characteristics. With different countries and their capitol cities, there might be different characteristics of the country or cities, but with the purpose and function of a capitol city, its clear that in some aspects that makes them similar. Similarities in the way of their infrastructure and government.
During the lecture, I wondered what would make a city a capitol city, Is it their financial position, events in history that led to their independence as a nation, their infrastructure or advancement in technology and science? From watching the news, and personal observation, it seems its all of the above.
But with changes such as population growth, and diversity of the populations that has migrated, we see this has a role to play as well. As mention in the article “The London Effect” by The Economist, such example of this is with neighboring cities of London such as Kent and Welwyn Garden City. Such characteristics changes are brought about by the diversity of the population and the migration to other cities which creates a demand for new infrastructure, roads and accommodations.

With Cities becoming so populated, and advanced, and almost operating on their own infrastructure, it begs the question, Are cities the new countries. From a financial and economic stand point, I can confidently say that most cities have the capabilities of becoming their own countries such as New York City, Tokyo and London for instance. To be honest, this may have already been the case unintentionally as I have notice that when persons refer to these cities, they do in such a way that if someone who is ignorant of the place would confidently believe that a place such as London is a country. This may be hilarious to some but it shows how these cities have grown to such an extent that they are recognize as such.
Then when you view that populations of a city are increasing each year to outgrowing the populations of other countries and brings in more revenue as well, it almost begs the question as to why those cities are not yet considered countries and with that question, the answer is its governing body.
But another point to look at as well which was mention in the article “Are cities the new countries” by San Coughlan is that can a country which cannot produce its own food be regarded as a country. And if we were looking at that point as basis for a decision on whether a city should be its own country, we have to look at other rural countries that don’t produce their own food.
Now I believe that these mega cities are mega to the point they are in some aspect a country but we have to look at how they got to that stature. It is because of the whole country and their neighboring cities. With New York City, if to be granted status as its own country, would not maintain its stature. The reason being that they have nothing worth trading to a point that they can maintain themselves, but with California, which has oil, and farmable land, if they were to be granted the status of a country I believe would be a success.
In my conclusion, there are mega cities which has stature of a country but that stature is dependent on status as a city of their country. If a city has way of producing food or tradable goods that’s in demand in other countries then it qualifies as a proper country.

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