One of the only preserved set of plantation-era ruins on Providenciales and thus an important site for remembrance of cultural heritage that existed on the island. This historic site tells the story of slavery in the Turks and Caicos—an often unspoken part of the island’s past.


The Loyalist were original American colonists who remained faithful to England during the Revolutionary War. By 1778, when the British armies pulled out of the southern states, thousands of Loyalist abandoned their holdings there and fled, along with their slaves, to British-held Florida and later to the Bahamas, which then included the Turks & Caicos Islands.

Up to the early 1800s, Cheshire Hall was the most important site on Providenciales and at its height was comprised of about five thousand acres and employed hundreds of slaves.

The National Trust offers an opportunity for nature enthusiasts to observe many species of plant and insects and birds animal life; colourful which are attracted to the flowering and fruit-bearing plants.

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