“City of God” – Shad da god Album Review

*First off, Credit to my close friend Aj for putting me on to this mixtape*


First Impression

Going through this mixtape, I made the decision not to analyse it track by track, why?, because most of all the tracks are saying the same thing but in a different way. But that doesn't mean every track was not a banger. I've literally been listening to the project for 3 days straight and not skipping any tracks.



The lyrics are the epitome of lyricism, but still the way that he's putting each bar together is very smooth. Though I have to say, I can't quite understand some of the lyrics, not because of what he's saying but because of clarity. In some songs he's slurring but that doesn't stop me from enjoying the songs.



This project/mixtape is the first I'm hearing of this artist, and first impressions are very important and I'm not all the way impressed but still impressed nonetheless with the music. Definitely anxious for another project with the same flow. Thats what grips me, the flow of his delivery. Very nice.

Track List

1.  Alpaca 

2.  Whole Lotta Gang Shit 

3.  Kilo 

4.  99 Bandz (Remix)

5.  Stupid Swag

6.  Strawberry Syrup

7.  Pink Roxy

8.  Posed to Do

9.  Doin Sum

10.  Candy Lady

11.  Rich & Alpo

12.  Prankster

13.  Tesla

14.  Invisible

15.  Thumb Thru 

16.  Been Thru

17.  Jetlag 

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