“Everything Is Love” – Beyonce’ & Jay-Z Album Review

Track List

1.Summer   2.Apeshit  3.Boss  4.Nice  5.713  6.Friends  7.Heard About Us  8. Black Effect  9. Love Happy  10.Salud

First Impression

Once I became aware of this album releasing, I wasn't so excited but I then found out that it was a collaboration of Beyonce and Jay-Z and then, it became a thing where I wanted to listen to it because Jay-Z is one of my favourite artist. 

I was definitely put off by the first track and a few of them but there was others that I really liked. 

But first impression was, Awesome Visuals which is made me want to listen to the album.



Jay-Z did what he does, with his lyricism and word play. Thats what made me get the album if I'm being honest. I didn't get it for Beyonce. There was a rumour that some tracks were based off a referenced track but I don't understand why it really matters in the case of Beyonce because she's a pop artist but  it would definitely be a different case if it was Jay-Z but it wasn't so I see nothing wrong. 


Songs I Liked

"ApeSh*t", "Boss", "Friends"

These were my favourite tracks on the project just because of the content of the songs. I enjoyed what was being talked about on the songs. And "Friends" was my favourite hands down.

Song I Disliked

I didn't like the rest I didn't mention before. It was just, how can I put it, not really vibing to me. But it could be because I'm not a RnB fan.

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