“Future & Juice WRLD Present… WRLD ON DRUGS” – Future & Juice WRLD Album Review

Track List

1.Jet Lag (ft. Young Scooter)  2.Astronauts  3.Fine China  4.Red Bentley (ft. Young Thug)  5.Make It Back  6.Oxy (ft. Lil Wayne)  7.7 AM Freestyle  8.Different (ft. Yung Bans)  9. Shorty  10. Realer N Realer  11.No Issue  12.WRLD On Drugs  13.Afterlife  14.Ain’t Livin Right (ft. Gunna)  15.Transformer (ft Nicki Minaj)  16. Hard Work Pays Off  


First Impression

When Future announced this collaboration with Juice WRLD. The first thing that went through my head is "Somebody is going to overdose to it"

But nonetheless, the expected the album to be a "banger". Juice WRLD coming off some really good hits such as "Lucid Dreams" and 'Lean With Me", it was expected.



The lyrics wasn't the best, but it was what was expected from Future with the melodic hooks, flow and cadence and the drug talks. To be honest, Juice WRLD had more substance on the project than Future. But what the album does have in turns of lyrics are catchy hooks and a few catchy verses, some I'm sure we will be seeing people tweet and retweet on twitter.


From what we expect of future, The entire album is a "banger", a lot has to do with the beat selection too. "Astronauts"is a "banger", "Oxy"is a "banger". I quit enjoyed the "7 AM Freestyle" even though its not a banger. "Shorty" is definitely a "BANGER" in capital. Top record on the album, and I need a music video to it. "Afterlife is a "banger. "Transformer" is a club "Banger". That is about it.


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