Gloucester Mediatheque


The task of the brief was to design a Mediatheque to serve the city of Gloucester. This is meant to be a place for the community of Gloucester to gather. It is meant to be a place tat can be used as a resource for the city, such as availabilty of space for Lectures, Exhibition and Education purposes. The intnet of this building is to be a place of discovery, exploration and excitement. It will be a place for children to learn and play whilst parents/guardians are exploring the rest of the building. It will be public building which means it will be welcoming to every citizen without discrimination.

Site Map 


Based on the location of the site. There are three main views associated with this site. These are the South-West, North-West and South Directions. This is used as design consideration in the massing and form of the building.


Sun Path

The site from receives a great amount of sunlight. The front of the site is facing South-East in which the sun rises in. A great deal of the building will be lit naturally and also will be used as a way of heat gain within the building.



This diagram shows the circulation related to this site. As seen it very limited. Access to the site is very limited which is why consideration was made to create a second entrance to the Gloucester Mediatheque.



Site Photos




Entrances associated with site

Right to light analysis















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