“Graduation” – Kanye West Album Review

Track List

1.  Good Morning   2.  Champion   3.  Stronger   4.  I Wonder   5.  Good Life  6.  Can't Tell Me Nothing   7.  Barry Bonds   8.  Drunk and Hot Girls   9.  Flashing Lights   10.  Everything I Am   11.  The Glory   12.  Homecoming    13.  Big Brother    14.  Good Night    15.  Bittersweet Poetry

1. Good morning

Huh, huh, good morning. If this isn’t the perfect album for me at this time in my life. It’s literally a understatement. Since I’m graduating university. And it just brings about a connected feeling to the song. The song says it, today I’ve become legendary.

2. Champion

The vibe from the first song, goes through a smooth transition to this one. Explaining how times get hard but still it should feel harder to give up even though things not going your way.


3. Stronger

Wow, where is this kanye these days. This album is a classic for a reason. The motivation in the music speaks for it self. You could feel the cocky vibe he giving off from this song. And as he’s explain how things hasn’t been the most easiest, he has all the right to be cocky. These are songs you play while going to work, when you’re scared to start something new, when you feel demotivated, it will hype you up.


4. I wonder

This song speaks volumes. And I wonder if you know what it means to find your dreams. We live in a world where this is the case for so many. Doubt, anger, confusion, pride, all expressed in this one song.


5. Good life

Wow, the good life. They say the best things in life are free. Makes you ask your self, what do you consider a good life. The money, the accolades, what we see on tv, or is it the simpler things in life, you being content with things. A lot of time it becomes confusing when introduced to something new that you’ve never had before or experienced.


6. Can’t tell me nothing

This explains the statement made by Biggie Smalls, “mo money mo problems”. Also he’s talking bout how the money chances you, all of a sudden, you feel better than other persons and feel their under you. You feel like they can’t tell you nothing because you got to where you are but you should let ya self be clouded by it and remain humble, because the same persons you see going up are the same ones you will see going down.


7. Barry bonds

This a nice one. It’s not much to say about it. It feels like an interlude to the album. I feel like Wayne’s verse could have been harder, especially in that era.


8. Drunk and hot girls

The thing about kanye and his music. His music is really about him. Things he’s going through not what someone else is. Everything said is based on his mind state and experiences. Not like a lot of rappers, no shade. Lol.


9. Flashing lights

I’m feeling this track. No explanation behind it. None is needed.


10. Everything I am

This tune right here, this tune right here. Is a. Gospel. Everything I’m not made me everything I am. That is so true.


11. The glory

Man, it’s at a point that this man is preaching on his songs. This album is spiritual, I don’t care what people say. This album talks about so much things that would relate to so many people that to think it’s not an honest album would be a slap to the face.


12. Homecoming

This is about his city. But the feel, the energy makes it more. The comparisons of an unanimated object/place and to make it so humanely and to make it so objectified, to simplify it in such a way that it brings out empathy, amazing.


13. Big brother

I’m feeling this song. I feel the vulnerability from it all.


14. Good night

This was a good track to end the album. Sonically and just mood wise.

15. Bitter Sweet Poetry

I'm rocking with this. Make black history everyday, I don't need a month. Kanye was definitely some different back in the day.

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