One thing for sure is that the master bedroom is a very important space in the home, and sometimes, less effort is put into designing and getting it just right. It sets the tone in a way for the rest of the home. Persons may disagree and say it’s the living room or kitchen. What you have to understand are that those spaces are communal spaces and very public spaces when compared to a home. The master bedroom however is a room of privacy and is very exclusive. It is somewhat of a retreating space, a calming space, an intimate space and getaway from the rest of the world or annoying family members. I will go through certain ideas that will improve or the design of your master bedroom.

Adding plant life to the equation

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Yes, very odd right? but you have to think, there have been research that mentions adding greenery and landscaping to areas such as parks actually improves people mood. So why wouldn’t you put a bit of positivity in your master bedroom. Not to mention its adds colour, pattern, texture. It adds a feng shui.

Rule of threes

Image result for rule of three decoratingThere is a decorating rule that I’ve come across which is the rule of threes, which basically is grouping pieces of designs, whether ornaments, paintings, vases into threes. It is meant to give a balance. It’s odd but it works.

Accessible night light

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Now, I bet persons are thinking that this is such an obvious thing, but many do not implement it into their bedroom design. This really creates a relaxing space. 


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Headboards are everything. Headboards give power to a master bedroom. It says to persons that this is the space to be in, this space is champion. There are many ways to do this from traditional to untraditional ways. There are persons that use the wooden headboards with the carved in designs and other persons that are bit contemporary and use fabric, woven or even a painting.

Have your ceiling tell a story

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Now, these are ideas and I understand they may not be affordable but you do what you can with your budget. But if its a new build, try building a tray ceiling into your master bedroom. If you’ve been in rooms, elegant spaces, you notice how you find your mind drifting off and ending up staring at the ceiling because of its tray ceiling and the use of lighting to intensify its look.

Mirror, Mirror

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Mirror mirror on the wall is who the fairest room of them all. Yours if you don’t forget to add a mirror to your master bedroom. This is not for persons that are conceiting and love seeing themselves all the time. Mirrors literary bounce light around a room and helps the room to feel brighter and spacious, and gives you a boast of confidence if you look extra good that day before leaving the house.


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As humans we love symmetry and a crave it to a certain degree. Symmetry breeds order, structure and balance. And for times when times can be a bit stressful, or a day at the office was too long, coming home to that piece of symmetry adds comfort.

2 Pillows are not enough

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I didn’t understand the need of so much pillows on the bed. But talking to different persons, mostly women, they always mention how the amount of pillows on the bed makes such a difference. Becareful as too many pillows will be a hassle when moving them to sleep.


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It never hurts to have some piece of art in the master bedroom. To show that you’re cultured.

Lounge Area

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Lounge area, now I know not everyones bedroom is not going to be big enough for a lounge area. It can be a comfortable chair, because staying in bed will get uncomfortable after some time and it will be relieving to change position in a relaxing chair or lounge area. Think about it.

White walls and colour

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An all white bedroom can be a turn off to some. So it may be worthwhile to introduce some colour through other ways. colourful lighting/lamps, different colour four poster bed, warm colour lounge chair.

Maximise corner spaces

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Bedrooms depending on its size will have corners, but rather than having the corners become messing and a dead space, USE them. Add purpose to those spaces. A dresser, desk, cabinet. 

Let the Bed be the star

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If it’s one thing you do from this list. Please make sure you choose the right bed. No one wants to go home to an uncooked meal. The same feeling you get from that is the same feeling you will get from not choosing a grand bed. You will be left feeling unsatisfied

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