“Livin Life Fast 5” – D-Aye Album Review

Track List

1.Intro  2.War Time  3.Jugging The City  4.Hitland  5.Word Round Town  6.Live By  7.Why Lie  8.Way Back  9. Slide  10. Paperwork  11.Drip  12.Problems  13.Holding Me Down  14.Only One  15.Shake Sumn  16. Nasty Dancer  17.4’S UP  18.Hit Future (Bonus)

First Impression

There was no expectation for this mixtape. It was the first time I've come across the artist and knew completely nothing about him. So listening to this album was me taking a chance while searching for new music.



Lyricism is what you would expect from the trap rapper is what I'll call it. Very vivid depiction in what he's saying. And I enjoyed every bit of it. I won't say it's something special but definitely worth a listen. And it also helps that the beat selection for the tape is really good. Really got me hype from it.


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