“Luca Brasi 3” – Kevin Gates Album Review

Track List

1.Discussion  2.Shakin Back  3.Ridiculous  4.Money Long  5.I Got U  6.Great Man  7.Find You Again  8.Adding Up  9. In God I Trust  10. Me Too  11.Servin H  12.Wrong Love  13.Luca Brasi Freestyle  14.Shoulda  15.Kung Fu  16. Don’t Know  17.Tryna Yea  18.M.A.T.A

AUSTIN, TX - MARCH 18: Rapper Kevin Gates performs onstage during the PANDORA Discovery Den SXSW on March 18, 2016 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Pandora)

First Impression

This Album has been a long time coming. So many fans including me have been waiting on a new body of work from the artist known as Kevin Gates. My first impression before listening to the album, was that it won't live up to expectations. Was I terribly wrong. A lesson I was happy to learn.



Lyricism isn't focus on wordplay with Kevin Gates as we all know. His lyricism all comes in the form of delivery, story telling, a visualisation through words. A movie as he likes to say. 


Songs I Liked

I love most of the albums but if I had to choose a few favourites, it would definitely be ''I Got U", "Find You Again", "In God I Trust", "Servin H", and "M.A.T.A. Its a long List I know but that's what happen when a album is a great as this one.


Song I Disliked

There isn't any song that I disliked. which is why the album is as good as it is. If there are songs I rather not listen to as much, it would be the "Luca Brasi Freestyle"


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