Bloxk Party – Sada Baby & Drego

First Thoughts

I came across this single on youtube because I'm always listening to songs on it, so eventually something different was bound to show up. 

Off Back, its got that part vibe to it and stays true to its name. It makes you want to hit the dougie, and watching the music video to it definitely hypes you more.



A bit of discretion when listening to it. Lol. The lyrics are not PG. But there is a bit of lyricism in this song. The way the words are being put together like they were meant to be together. Off back it isn't a social message type of song, so don't expect the lyricism to be that of Tupac or Kendrick Lamar. It is very



From listening to the song. Its pretty obvious that Sada Baby held the song together. He ripped the song, straight though. The same can't be said for Drego, because when the song was done, I went look for more of Sada Baby songs to listen to rather than him. Honestly, you forget that Drego is even on the song, no disrespect intended but it is what it is.

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