Design Brief

Solarnest, a student based startup has been granted permission to design and build a full scale prototype of a sustainable, affordable eco-home design on UWE Frenchay Campus in the academic year of 2017/2018.



Polyvalence which means many uses, versatility, which is what we were trying to achieve with the building in accordance with what the clients wanted. The versatility in the design of the building would enable multiple use of spaces by using a system of panels which allow for multiple configurations which fits into its modularity.


Herby’s High Flying Birds

Group Members

Herby Fleuridor

Wang Haolin

Jakub Dygdon

Baishu Li

Josh George

Spacing Configurations

Optional Floor Plans


Front Elevation
Rear Elevation
Left Elevation
Right Elevation


Panel Built Up Option 1



Panel Built Up Option 2



Versatility for Upper Floor

Exploded Axonometric

Modular Transportation


Interior Render

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