The Industrial Revolution

We move forward towards in time from The Enlightenment period where it was focus on thought before action or to persons considered as a age of reason, unto the Industrial Revolution where there begins to be an introduction to new inventions, period of mass production, new innovations of materials such as iron, and the new arrangement of infraustructure which is different from the medieval times. There is also new energy source within this era which is really a breakthrough for this time I can say paved a way for the new energy sources that we see in the present day. This is a period where persons have different views of it in terms of the look of that time. And as for me, I feel as though this time was not too focus on the beauty and design of their infraustructure but more on the wealth of things. But as time progress, there is interest in the arts such as literature and paintings, and also a new invention such as the camera for photography.

As mentioned in the introduction, the industrial revolution was the start of a time of mass production, technological inventions and advancement, new energy sources, agriculture practices, and introduction to economics, most of which I believe powered and is still powering the world. I believe it also connected the world even more through the new innovation and inventions, such as with the trains which made it easier for persons to go from city to city more easier, that is just an example. And also with the idea of the canal which method they used to also deliver mail which made it easier and quicker for persons to communicate with each other.

This was a period when engineering had evolve and was in demand during that the industrial revolution. From the engineering that was needed to construct the canal, the steam engine, trains, factories, it began to be a big deal to be an engineer.

The way we see goods being transferred today is based on the past, during the 19th century. From the beginning of the ancient times to medieval centuries, we would see food manufacture and farming and agriculture was based in the middle of the city or towns, within the public, but within the 18th century, with the new transport systems, we don’t see the need for that type of set up, so most of agriculture were able to be on the outskirts of towns and than transported into the town area such as what see today with the grocery store and containers of goods being transported to them from factories out of the city or even from overseas. All of this I can say start from the 18th century with the introduction of new transport systems which then in turn connected different cities and countries that wanted to get involved such as France, Germany.
And as I read about the different infraustructure such as housings for workers, such as garden cities, Peabody buildings remind of a lot of student accommodations. But with these new infraustructure brought forth diseases from the buildings being so packed together. From the diseases that began to ravage the communities, its understandable of the advancement in medicine. Most of these packed cities were cities such as Manchester and Liverpool and if visited we can still see the same packed construction of these buildings in the building.
in reality when I think about it, that period seem to me as a time of exploration for better ways of living, better and easier ways of doing things, but with this came problems and issues as well and with and with this also means that there was exploration of ways for resolves issues and as we see it in the present, its similar to the revolution era, but just an advancement of it because everyday there is new inventions, mass productions , and persons trying to find better ways of doing things. And as time goes on, there will always be an industrial revolution of that specific era.


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