The Power of Green Infrastructure and Healthy Spaces: Bristol’s path to success

Who are they?

Eight Associates is a consultancy which focuses on sustainability design. They provide a variety of environmental assessments for a wide range of building types.

I attended Eight Associates’ seminar where they explore the topic “The Power of Green Infrastructure and Healthy Spaces” at Aardman Animations designed by Alec French Architects . This internationally acclaimed animation studio was designed to be highly sustainable in both its use of materials and energy.


The Discussion

The seminar centered around elements such as Green infrastructure, biodiversity enhancement and healthy spaces: a powerful combination that results in multiple physical, social and environmental benefits, including better air quality, improved access to nature, flood risk management and healthy buildings.

What are the challenges and opportunities when accommodating development growth?

Can local policy and sustainable regeneration result in a truly healthier urban environment to retain this accolade and ensure a continued pathway to success?


What is Green Infrastructure?

Green infrastructure is a catch-all term to describe the network of natural and semi-natural features within and between our villages, towns and cities. These features range in scale, from street trees, green roofs and private gardens through to parks, rivers and woodlands.


Value of green infrastructure and healthy space

Economic value

– homeowners businesses

A 1% increase in the amount of green space in the vicinity is associated with 1% increase in house prices.

-Retail developments

This creates a better image which attracts more visitors, which in turn bring retail and leisure spending and providing more job opportunities.


Social values

Green spaces have been prove to lower stress levels, which in turn lower cost to the nhs, Ill health and absence from work.

It also Increases good Mental health, Physical activity, Physical health, Economic output,visual amenity, Quality of life, and create a sense of community.


Environmental value

-Create foraging habitats for priority species

-increase nesting opportunities in otherwise limited areas

-Increase connectivity across typically urban landscapes.


Design Integrations

Designing green spaces

-Community involvement

-Designing for inclusivity


-Landscape scale conservation

-Quality and connectivity- ecological aesthetic

-Gain for biodiversity

-Managed and maintained


Climate change parks

Green corridors- urban ventilation, cooling through shading and evapotranspiration

Green space and SuDS

Sustainable urban drainage systems


-water quality

-Water quantity



Designing for biodiversity

-Green roofs

-Coloured bricks

-Insect houses

-Artificial badger sets



Paris – Permis de vegetalise

The London National Park project begins spring 2019.

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