The Renaissance and The Enlightenment

The Renaissance Era and the Enlightment Period. From my understanding, The Renaissance Era can be defined as a period in time where there was reform, when person’s began looking at things differently and in search of a better way of doing it, rather I should say it was a time when person tried to achieve purity and perfection.There was also a love for the arts in this period as most of the walls of Cathedrals in the Era were painted by famous artist. With reference to the Arts and Architecture, persons began to discover perspective and went along the route of working with form and symmetry and using squares and circles within their style of designs. This reflection will discuss my thoughts on this era, and what I think influenced it and how has it benefited the present day.


My thoughts on the Renaissance Era is that they were focus a lot of structure and planning. And in some way they used some of the same principles that the Romans and Greeks used when building. When we look back at the Ancient architecture, we see form and structure and a design concept and planning behind their structure. Most of their structure was built for purpose and had a simplicity to it as do the architecture in the Renaissance Era; For example, The Greek temple Parthenon.

The Renaissance began in Italy, after the fall of the Roman Empire and I feel because of the fall of the Empire, the structure and order that they had went along with it and so there was need for proper structure and reform and thus came along this period where artist started looking at new ways of designing and because this was a time when persons began having structure in the way they did things, we began to see the artist using mathematical methods to design and they began to discover perspective. And this is why we can see most of the Classical Architecture really have a square-ness to them and we also began to see that most of the Gothic way of designing disregarded such in cases of the pointed rounded arches being replaced with arches that were semi circular.

As the Renaissance was a time of reform, symmetry, structure, science and love of arts, we can see how it affected the way they built in that time. We see a lot of famous artist in those times such as Alberti, Leonardo Da Vinci, Brunelleschi, Palladio, Michelangelo, just to name few. There was also involvement with the Church as the walls of the churches were the ones where there was most wall paintings and with that we see the use of perspective and we see how science was involve as well as how the artist used this insight to know how the muscles look when positioned a way and of the anatomy. And I can probably say that the wall paintings was a way to show wealth and status, for all of the art work done by these artist had to be funded and most were paid by The Church and Patronage.

And when we look in the present day at certain buildings, we can see the influence of that era, with the Classical Architecture and different styles showing off the symmetry and squares and circles of construction.  

The Renaissance gave way for The Enlightenment. This is when persons leaned more towards politics, philosophy, and science. As with the Renaissance as a era of reform, the Enlightenment, I think was a evolution of it. It was an age of reason. This was a period where a norm to ask questions started to develop. Persons began to ask and think about the reason things were done and the benefits and cons, and in the process finding better ways to do it.



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