Track List

1.Suicide 2.Can’t Do Right  3.Fear God  4.Change You  5.Bars  6.Dreams  7.7For The Moment  8.Sleep Broke  9. Heist  10. Hostile  11.In The Trap  12.Love  13.Paradise 14.Passion  15.Spring Break  


First Impression

 "Japee", 24 year old upcoming rapper straight out of Miami Fl, but born in the Turks and Caicos Islands. As a youth, getting involved in gangs, selling drugs, living in terrible conditions. Basically what you would expect living in the projects. 

But what set this artist apart from most, is his determination to change those circumstances and get involved in music. When I first got put onto this artist, by one of his friends, I was very skeptical as most persons are with new music from independent artist. But was I surprised when I was bopping my head to the music.

One specifically from his newly released mixtape "Tick Tock", "Dreams"



I'm impressed by the lyricism. And no he's not a mumble rapper. He's in his own lane right now. He's telling a story with his lyrics, Most persons don't have that cadence, the tone, to make persons really listen. This guy does. He's saying something with this music.


As I mentioned, I didn't expect the music to be this good, the beat selection is good as well. "Dreams"is a "banger", "Bars"is a "banger". I quite enjoyed the "Can't Do Right" even though its not a banger. "For the Moment" and "Suicide" is definitely a banger. But I believe "Paradise" is the undeniable "BANGER" and "HIT". Top record on the album, and I need a music video to it. It is safe to say, the album is a good body of work. Good production.



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