Short History

Tsarskoye Selo forms one of the World Heritage site Saint Petersburg. was the town containing a former Russian residence of the imperial family. located 24 kilometers south from the center of Saint Petersburg.

Cameron Gallery

In the 17th century, the estate belonged to a Swedish noble. In 1708, Peter the Great gave the estate to his wife, Empress Catherine I who started to develop the place as a royal country residence. Her daughter, Empress Elizabeth and her architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli were largely responsible for the building of the Catherine Palace. Later Empress Catherine II of Russia and her architect Charles Cameron extended the palace building that is now known as the Cameron Gallery.

Catherine Palace, Russia

Currently, there are two imperial palaces: the baroque Catherine Palace with the adjacent Catherine Park and the neoclassical Alexander Palace with the adjacent Alexander Park.

Alexander Palace, Russia

By the end of the 18th century, Tsarskoye Selo became a popular place of summer residence among the nobility.

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