Upcoming Artist: Fyza Zubair

“Black Girl” by Fyza Zubair, 2018

What inspired this painting?

Fyza: Just practising portrait paintings and I’ve taken a keen interest in african art at the moment.

Who’s your favourite artist?

There’s this artist I’m obsessed with and I looked to her work for inspiration. Her name is Anette Tjaerby Manege.

What got you to start painting?

I’ve done it for for a few years, not to mention I did the GSCE for it. And I guess that in itself developed into a passion which chose to rekindle itself now. 

What does art do for you?

Its a form of creative expression and escape, It provides an alternative focus from Tv shows and academic work. So it’s become a hobby.

It can tend to make me anxious and a little stress sometimes  as I consider myself a perfectionist and if a piece doesn’t come out the way I picture it in my head, I feel its shit.

Is this something you intend to do long term?

I’m not going to stop anytime soon




Fyza Zubair



For inquires on how to obtain a print of the art work, please use the contact form and subject the art of interest.


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