“Wasted Talent” – Jim Jones Album Review

1. Intro

From the intro, it’s like the intros to mob films and I was like yea this is gonna be good

2. Never did 3 quarters

This track sound like he’s reminiscing. But also talking about how different it is between back then and now. With the way persons operate rather in the hood or in the rap game.

3. Dust and powder

Well I think it’s pretty obvious what this song is about without any explanation lol. But so far I’m like the vibe and ambiance of the project so far. I’m a big fan of this type of rap, the story telling type of rap. Paints a portrait type of rap.

4. Catch on yet

Oooooooo, trap snapped on the hook. Then Jim Jones slides in with the bars. Again with the story telling. I’m literally listening to a movie. Facts. And the clips of the mob movie just works mannn.

5. Banging

This track. Eh, it feels like an interlude track to me. I’m not feeling it too much. I can’t vibe to it. I feel like it’s different from previous tracks, like it’s a bit of story telling but it’s a I’m in this mood type of song so it’s going on the project.

6. Gotta play the game

Yes, this track brings back the vibe that was lost in the previous track, “banging”. YFN Lucci wasn’t a bad feature as well. They basically explaining how things change and how they are or become when you’re in a certain position whether it’s a good position or bad.

7. Got to B real

Alexza on the hook really did her thing on this. I could see him jones trying the R&B thing on this track. Trying to be diverse with his reach. One for the ladies. Maybe it’s me but, it didn’t connect all the way because, Jim Jones isn’t the R&B type. But this Alexza lady voice is a bit enchanting which made me not skip the song.

8. Epitome

Oooooo, this song right here. This is nothing but a banger. The beat, the flow, the cadence. Jim Jones is talking his shit on this song. This song definitely needs a video to it. And it has to be right. Mannn take my word for it, he is snappin’. This is the Jim Jones I want to hear. He’s not even story telling like that on this song but he’s snappin’. You could feel he was in a vibe for this one. Number 1 track on the project.

9. Living my best life

This feels like a R&B type tune, that suits him. I learnt of Eric bellinger and few weeks back, during his disagreements with Torey Lanez, he be snappin’ as well.


10. Adidas

Off back. 2nd best track on this project. This man literally talking his shit on this track. Like an upset father lol. Someone who tryna preach to a kid but the kid not getting it. Even from the little pauses, like he sighing, like he know he’s on it. You could only imagine the vibe and setting in the studio for this. And Ball Greezy, I haven’t heard in a while, doesn’t even sound like him on the hook, but the entire song is choppin, almost didn’t finish the album because I had it on repeat.

11. Chicken fried rice

I think he knew he had to calm us down after those heated tracks from before. This what a call a calmer track. Calming the storm.

12. The old way

I’m like this bump. I feel like riding in a 69 Chevy Camaro while listening to this track right here. Manual not automatic. It should have been longer. It ended to soon.

13. Diplomatic immunity

Can I be honest. Can I be honest here!! I’m going to be honest here! Cam’ron snapped on jim Jones song. He best Jim Jones on this one.

14. Head off

“If we knock the head off, body fall deep” alright I like this one. That’s all I have to say.

15. Pray

This flow. The story telling. This song has me thinking that I might have been sleeping on trav music a lot. This song should have been the outro song if I had input on this project. Again I must say I got to stop sleeping on trav.

16. Bag talk

I’m feeling the Spanish vibe of this song right here. Makes me wanna cha cha while feeing dangerous with a wad of cash in my back pocket. He should have drop a Spanish bar on it

17. Still dipset

Lol. I don’t think they were serious in the studio with this one. They was having fun. I literally believe this. Like “yo this the last track, just say anything you want”

18. Once upon a time

Again, Cam’ron ran Jim Jones on his own song. Lol. That’s nothing but the truth. And I’m sure they both knows this too. I like the Weinstein bar.

Track List

1. Intro Bronx Tales Lyrics

2. Never Did 3 Quarters 3. Dust & Powder (Ft. Jadakiss) 

4. Catch on Yet (Ft. Trav)

5. Banging (Ft. Mozzy)

10. Adidas (Ft. Ball Greezy)

11. Chicken Fried Rice (Ft. 5AM, Trav & Yo Gotti) 

12. The Old Way (Ft. AX Leon) 13. Diplomatic Immunity (Ft. Cam'ron) 

14. Head Off (Ft. Lil Durk)

15. Pray (Ft. Trav) 

16. Bag Talk (Ft. Ball Greezy) 

17. Still Dipset (Ft. Juelz Santana)

18. Once Upon a Time (Ft. Cam'ron)

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